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How To Increase Coach Views (Tip #2)

If you missed Tip#1, click HERE.

Last weeks blog post covered the first tip to increasing coach views on the BeRecruited platform. As mentioned before, there are four key features on the BeRecruited platform that initiate the connection with college coaches, two of which showcase your talent. Filling out your statistics is one major component of showcasing your talent. However, the second major component of showcasing your talent is the ability to show coaches how you perform in competition. Since most coaches cannot attend all of your competitions, you will increase your coach views by uploading videos.

Uploading videos. Uploading an avatar photo and listing your graduation year is not the answer to attracting coaches to your profile. You need more! Coaches are unable to assess your talent if you do not give them talent to assess. Videos are a great way to show coaches your strengths, natural talent, and leadership even if they are not there to see it in person.

Coaches want to see videos. With that said, many coaches will bypass profiles if videos are not provided. The ability to show coaches what is beyond an avatar photo and graduation year will set you apart! To learn more about uploading videos on BeRecruited, click HERE.

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