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How To Increase Coach Views (Tip #3)

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Now that you have put together something that showcases your talent by inputting statistics and uploading videos, it is time to market yourself! On the BeRecruited platform, Basic members can follow schools and Deluxe members can follow schools as well as invite coaches to view their profile. These are two features that athletes should utilize to market themselves. By using both of these features, coaches will receive a notification that will attract them to the athlete’s profile. With that said, the third tip to increasing coach views is to follow and send invites.

Following Colleges and sending invites. You can never reach out to too many schools in the beginning. While you should not tell coaches you are interested when you really are not, it is okay to reach out several schools when you are just starting to do your research and figure out what you are looking for. With that said, follow 35 to 40+ schools that interest you and invite 35 to 40+ coaches to view your profile. Now that you have your statistics and videos posted on your profile, you are ready to market yourself and reach out to coaches by following and sending invites!

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