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How To Increase Coach Views (Tip #4)

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Ever wonder what to write about in your first letter to coaches? Do you simply say you are interested in their program, provide a couple of your athletic highlights, and give them your contact information? One of BeRecruited’s DELUXE features is the letter generator that provides a formatted letter for the user. The user is able to edit the letter and add their own touch but a pre-formatted letter with key points is provided and sent directly to coaches. The ability to send letters of interest is a way to market yourself and attract coaches. With that said, the fourth tip to increase coach views is to send letters of interest.

Letters of interest. Similar to bookmarking and sending invites, you can never reach out to too many schools in the beginning. With that said, send letters of interest to your top 20-25+ schools that interest you. In addition to providing athletic/academic highlights, your BeRecruited profile link, as well as contact information, this is your opportunity to go more in depth and give the coach an idea of who you are as a person. Discuss how you first became interested in your sport, what your goals are for the future, what you are looking for in a team, and how you can make an impact on the team. Again, this is a way to market yourself and attract coaches so take some time to think about what you want coaches to know about you! Best of luck in the recruiting process!

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