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Profile Pictures and You

by Gwinn Nixon

When you search for your account and are trying to sell yourself on a site like BeRecruited is to have a face to go with your accomplishments.  It can be very impersonal to have a profile with no face to remember it by.  So here are a few tips to remember when you put together your profile picture.

1.  Stand out: So many times I see an athlete with a group picture and you can’t accurately tell which one is the athlete that the profile is for.  When you create a picture or when choosing one for your profile, make sure that you are the center of attention.  It should be clear who the profile is for and who coaches are looking at.  So don’t use a cluttered background, be the focus and stand out to show just who this profile is for.

2.  Be in focus: When you put together your picture, make sure that it is clear and in focus.  If your picture is grainy or out of focus how can prospective coaches see who you are?

3.  If you decide to use an action shot, use one from competition: This is a resume, one that you are using to garner an athletic scholarship or an opportunity to play at the next level.  You need to be professional even in picking a picture.  An action shot taken in the back yard of you catching a pass, shooting a ball, or playing around is not the type of picture to put forth as your best.  So if you decide to use an action shot, make sure that it is from a scheduled competition.

4.  Keep it appropriate : One last time, the best thing you can do is make this as professional as you can.  So this means wear the appropriate clothing.  So wear something nice, or pertaining to your sport, even your uniform if you would prefer.  I’ll also promise you a picture that you take of yourself with your phone is not what you want to use as your profile picture.

Having a professional looking resume is important while looking for a job, just as it’s important when selling yourself to colleges. This is to help you succeed in selling yourself and competing in the sport you love to play.  So put a face to the name and play on.


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