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Video and You

Within the past couple of months there have been conversations, rule interpretation changes and various questions regarding NCAA regulations in connection to videos being shown on recruiting websites. Now that the interpretation of the rules has been shared with the colleges, the BeRecruited team wanted to share our interpretation with you.

At the beginning of April 2011, the NCAA modified legislation (specifically NCAA By Law 13.14.3) dealing with the type of video student-athletes can post on their recruiting services websites. The new rule stated that the student-athlete could only provide video from “sanctioned events.” Sanctioned events are regularly scheduled games for high schools, prep schools and two-year colleges. This modified legislation also brought along many concerns.  As a result, he NCAA made a clarifying change a month later, waiving the legislation established in April 2011 for all sports except for NCAA Division I Football, NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball and NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball.

What does that mean for you?

Athletes: The majority of all BeRecruited athletes are still able to utilize the BeRecruited video tool as they have in the past. If you are considering being recruited for NCAA DI Football, NCAA DI Men’s Basketball or NCAA DI Women’s Basketball you now have some restrictions on the video you can post on BeRecruited or other recruiting websites. If you participate in one of these three sports you can only upload video of your competitions that occur in high school, prep school and/or 2-year college contests (sanctioned events). You cannot post video from camps, practice, combines, training, AAU or club team games.

Parents: please note that the limitations that apply to athletes also are relevant to you if you post video on your child’s behalf within his/her BeRecruited profile.

College Coaches: if you are not a coach of NCAA DI Football, NCAA DI Men’s Basketball or NCAA DI Women’s Basketball, you will be able to continue to access the athlete video as you’ve seen fit previously. Coaches involved with one of these three sports listed above likely won’t see video of non-sanctioned events within the athlete profiles. Should you see non-sanctioned video, based on our conversation with the NCAA, you can report any non-sanctioned video to us on our contact page, and we will remove the video with 72 hours.

All of this is current as of July 1, 2011. However, keep in mind that the NCAA may continue to revise this and other legislation.  We'll make sure we stay on top of it so that you can have the best experience possible on BeRecruited!

As always, feel free to reach out to us at any time by email us at or going to: BeRecruited on Facebook or BeRecruited on Twitter.

Jamie Quenzer
Marketing Manager

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