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Yes, Video is That Important

I had the opportunity to address the entire coaching staff of one of the nation's top NAIA athletic programs on Monday. I spoke about Recruiting. Afterwords, one of their coaches pulled me aside and said this:

"Charlie, if a kid does not have video, I will not even look at their profile. Let them know how important it is to have a plan for video. Even with NCSA profiles, which I love to get as a Coach, if NCSA sends 15 profiles to me of softball players, and 3 of them say "working on video," I don't even open those three videos. I enthusiastically open the12 with video."

The school year is starting. HAVE A PLAN for video. So many parents shuttle their kids all over and they sit in the stands and watch and support. That is great, but SPEND SOME OF THAT TIME VIDEOTAPING. You do not have to hire a video taping company to tape your kids. You can do it. You are not competing with Spielberg. In most cases you are doing a simple pan.

My 11th grade son has his first cross country meet in about a week. As a parent, I will have the video camera ready and I will tape him. And that's cross country, which is not as vital to have video as many of the other sports (although it's good because College cross country coaches like to see video of a runner to study form and potential for growth and such...).

Since January I have probably talked with 4000 parents and student athletes and I can't tell you how many times I have heard:

"Well, we do need to video tape. Yeah, we need to get on that, for sure..."

"We are waiting to hear back from the coach about getting video."

You cannot get recruited without video! Several years ago, you could work around it. Not today. It's like the dating sites. If a fellow looks on there and see's a nice lady but no picture he's like, "On to the next profile!"  The NCSA can review or make a video for you.

You have got to understand the power of video tape. A well done highlights tape and then complete game or skills tape CAN LITERALLY CHANGE YOUR CHILD'S LIFE. Video done right, College Coaches could be on your kid like white on rice.


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