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What Could be Affecting your Appearance to College Coaches?

by Gwinn Nixon

As you create your online profiles and start sending letters and emails to college coaches always try and remember that you are always a representative of yourself. You are always selling yourself in the recruiting process and you have to put your best forward for these coaches and schools. This means more than just your BeRecruited profile, but anything that a prospective coach could see or read. In today’s blog we will go over some of the different ways that you can control in presenting yourself in a professional way to those that can decide on your athletic future.

Email names: You will be contacting some coaches through email, or they might be contacting you. In either scenario you should have a professional or tame email name for them to contact you at that is easy to understand. As much as you might like the email title of, or, it can look better if you show them a professional side with a simple address such as (first name and last name would be your name). This is just the first of many small tweaks you can make to present yourself in a professional manner.

Grammar/punctuation: Before you send any email to a college coach, be sure to proofread everything. If you want to you can even ask your parents or even your coach to review a letter or email before you send it out. Having correct grammar/punctuation in your letters and emails show coaches that you are serious in your recruitment and taking the process seriously. This same rule should be applied to all of your online profiles that coaches will read as well; this includes your BeRecruited profile.

Slang: Keeping this short, you should always remember that when sending a letter or email to coaches or colleges or creating your online BeRecruited profile, you should stay away from using any slang or terms that others would not understand. This is your recruitment at stake and you want to show coaches that you are ready for the next level. Keep things simple, to the point, and informative.

Pictures: Any pictures that college coaches are going to see, you want to make sure are appropriate and properly show your abilities, especially when it comes to profile pictures. You want to make sure that coaches can put a face to the name and be able to recognize and remember you. Feel free to check out our past blog on creating profile pictures for BeRecruited:

Social Media: These days social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become much more than for just friends to connect with each other. Coaches and others are able to see much more of prospective athletes thanks to these sites so you must be aware of how you are portrayed at all times. While you might not have to be as strict with your professionalism, you should always be aware of what you say or post or even show on social media sites. This includes what others might show of you. You always want to show yourself for what you will be to these colleges, an asset.

Coaches want to know that you are ready to take the next step in your athletic career, and being aware of how you present yourself to them is another step in the right direction to accomplishing your goal. So get out there and show them that you are ready to take on whatever is next.

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