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5 Things to Know About Highlight Videos

by Gwinn Nixon

The highlight video is one of the most important things a prospective student athlete can make when trying to be noticed by colleges. It can be the difference of a coach coming out to see you play and glancing at your name on a list. When making a good highlight video, there are a few important things that I have found in my research that you should remember, and most of them don’t even have to do with the making of the video itself.

1.) Get the best quality video you can.

Coaches don’t want to be watching a grainy video where they can’t make out numbers and clearly see who they are trying to watch. With today’s technology you can take decent video from a phone so with some effort this shouldn’t be too hard of a task but sometimes it can be. If you don’t have access to a decent camera talk to your coach or the athletics director at your school and see if they have a camera that your parents might be able to use during a game to follow you and get some good film.

2.) Follow up with schools on your video, never send a video unsolicited.

Coaches receive a lot of videos, and it can be a hard and arduous task trying to get to them all. Letting the coach know who you are via phone, email, or even online recruiting forms can help you get noticed and your video seen.

3.) 5 minutes

5 minutes is about how long you should keep your videos. Coaches don’t have a lot of time to watch each and every 15 minute long video, about 5 minutes is how long they devote to each one. This should be plenty of time to showcase your talents.

4.) Know your sport and what type of highlights you need.

Be aware of the type of highlights you need. Different sports require different highlights. With a sport such as Football you should sent highlights of plays that showcase different abilities in different situations. With a sport such as Basketball it’s important to show more than just highlights. Many coaches will ask for full game film to assess how a player does throughout an entire game. I would suggest rather than just highlights for basketball, you should include full plays that show you not only with the ball, but off the ball as well.

5.) Properly Label your video with detailed information.

This is something that happens all too often, a recruit sends a video but does not specify which player he is, or what number, or any information on him at all and it leaves the coach confused at just what they are looking at. Make sure the video is clearly labeled with your name, address, phone number, school name, graduation year, jersey number, jersey color, email address and possibly your SAT/ACT scores, and GPA. You could also go as far as to include a small biographical paragraph with your video explaining who you are and what your goals are.

The recruiting process is not an easy one, and it takes work to succeed. Follow these suggestions and it will help your video stand out even more and hopefully help you on your path to recruitment and playing at the next level.

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