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5 Ways in 2014 to Increase Your Odds of Playing College Sports

As you start the new year use this 5 item action plan to increase your odds of playing college sports. If you have suggestions on how you are being seen in 2014 share them with us on Facebook or Twitter.

#1: Update Your BeRecruited Profile
Thousands of college coaches are searching athlete profiles weekly at BeRecruited. It is important for you to update your profile, so your most current athletic stats and academic information are shown. Registered coaches are automatically notified when details within your profile meet their program’s needs.

  • Update Your ACT/SAT Score

  • Add New Athletic Stats

  • Include a Highlight Video in Your Profile

#2: Make Yourself Known
One of the most common pieces of advice we receive from committed athletes is to be proactive and make the initial introduction to college coaches.

Get more advice from baseball player, Connor Seabold who has committed to California State University, Fullerton.

#3: Learn the NCAA/NAIA Recruiting Rules
Knowledge is power. By understanding the NCAA Recruiting Rules you will know when college coaches can contact you. This allows you to:

#4: Never Think It's Too Early
Time is critical in the recruiting search. Don’t use the excuse that, "I can do that in a few months"? If a program interests you start doing your research and compare your ability with current players. By having the insight early in your search you will be better prepared down the road.

Softball player Kayleigh LeBlanc who has committed to Texas A&M University -Commerce wanted to share this tip along other advice about the recruiting search.

#5: Choose One Skill/Stat to Improve Upon
As an athlete you know setting goals is important to reach your dreams. As you review your profile select a specific stat or skill you are going to improve. Maybe it’s your 40 time or your batting form. Coaches are interested in seeing you grow. Select your state, set your goal and develop an action plan to hold yourself accountable to improve.

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