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Advice from Recently Committed Swimmer: Robert Pollastro

Robert Pollastro

From: Staten Island, NY

Committed to Lafayette College

Thoughts on BeRecruited: [BeRecruited allow me to] put my stats out there to numerous coaches as well as organizing which coaches were interested in me and when they viewed my profile. The amount of coaches who told me they saw my profile online was insane.

Advice for Athletes in the Recruiting Search: Start it early and send your profile to as many colleges as possible because you never know where you are gonna go or who else will hear of you.

In order to get a better understanding of his recruiting search Robert shared with our team some additional information about his recruiting search, deciding how to pick between two sports and how he ended up knowing Lafayette College was the right fit for him. 

While in high school, what other teams and/or sports were you playing? Did you know all along you wanted to play your sport in college?

I played Lacrosse in High School as well but I have been swimming competitively since I was 6 years old. it was my dream since i started watching college football to swim in College so i did always know. 

Why did you ultimately choose your college? How many other schools were you looking at? When did you start getting interest from college coaches? Were they knocking down your door, or were you reaching out to them? If so, how?

I was looking at several schools. I went on recruiting visits to 4 division 1 or 2 schools but numerous division 3 coaches were in constant contact with me. I recieved interest from college coaches immediately after signing up for the sight and paying for the deluxe. I found that division 1 coaches required contact but the other coaches seemed to come for me. For the most part coaches were calling me every single night and emailing me every day thanks to BeRecruited. They were emailing which often led to phone calls which then led to visits and meetings with coaches. I probably met with in total 12 coaches because of this website.

I ultimately chose my school because I went on a recruiting visit and fell in love with the school. The coach was an amazing guy and the team was so nice. I think what really drew me to the school was the team unity that they shared. Also the school is extremely academically rigorous and going there would give me an amazing education. 

How did BeRecruited help you make the connection with your committed college?

BeRecruited served as a perfect place for me to tell the coach to see my times, videos, pictures and information. Unfortunatley the school isnt part of the website but he still had access to it. 

Who was pivotal in helping you through the recruiting process and why? (Parents, a coach, a hs counselor?)

I would say that my father was unbelievably helpful in the process. Without him I would not have found the success in recruiting that I did. He did a lot of research and let me do the contacting but he realized this was my dream and helped me achieve it. 

What role did you club coaches/hs coaches have in helping you get recruited? How active were your parents in the process?

My coaches actually did not play a huge role in the process. They supported me when coaches contacted them but it was my parents who showed me the most support. They were extremely helpful in the process and it was an overall good bonding experience. 

What was the most challenging part of the recruiting process, if any? 

The most challenging part has been the extra work that it entails. Not only do you need to focus on school, your sport, applying to college, testing and all, but now you have to contact coaches and let them know of your successes. The hardest part though has definitely been telling the coaches who I have bonded with through recruiting trips that I wouldnt be attending. 

To date, what do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in your sport career?

My biggest accomplishment is getting recruited by division 1 schools from some amazing divisions and knowing that I will be swimming against great schools that you see on TV each and every day. 

What tips or advice do you have for student-athletes who want to continue their sport past high school?

I would say that you need to seriously put in the work. Without work and effort this is not an easy process. It takes time and patience and also the ability to be modest. Not all coaches are going to want you, but taking chances at colleges who you wouldnt expect to want you prove to be best. 

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