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Advice from Recently Committed Volleyball Player: Emily Hiett


Snapshot of Emily Hiett, volleyball player

From Forney, Texas

Committed to Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Hiett found BeRecruited to be extremely helpful in her recruiting search, which yielded her an academic and athletic scholarship. Here are some additional thoughts from Hiett on her recruiting search.

While in high school, what other teams and/or sports were you playing? Did you know all along you wanted to play your sport in college? 

I only played volleyball during high school. I knew all along that I wanted to keep playing after high school because I had so much passion for the game I couldn’t give it up.

Why did you ultimately choose your college? How many other schools were you looking at? When did you start getting interest from college coaches? Were they knocking down your door, or were you reaching out to them? If so, how? 

I choose the college I attend now because they offered me the most money. I was looking at 2 other colleges but they didn’t offer me as much money. I started getting interest from coaches my junior year in high school. I started doing showcases and I was on a recognized club team. It was a little bit of both, I was vigorously pursuing college coaches and coaches were pursuing me. I would send out emails to different coaches everyday and the coaches could view my profile on BeRecruited. Also coaches would see my profile and would email me.

How did BeRecruited help you make the connection with your committed college? 

BeRecruited helped me pick the college I’m at because I got to pick the division of play I wanted to pursue and BeRecruited would give me a list of schools that had a good program for the major I wanted.

Who was pivotal in helping you through the recruiting process and why? (Parents, a coach, a hs counselor?) 

My parents were the driving force behind me playing college volleyball.

What role did you club coaches/hs coaches have in helping you get recruited? How active were your parents in the process? 

My coaches were not much help in the recruiting process except for when a college coach needed a reference. My parents were very active in the recruiting process by helping me construct emails to send out the coaches and coming with me on visits.

What was the most challenging part of the recruiting process, if any? 

The most challenging part of recruiting was, knowing if coaches were going to offer you a spot and if they were going to offer you money with it.

To date, what do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in your sport career?

I would have to say September 2010 my junior year because that when I signed my commitment papers and I could finally relax from the stresses of the recruiting process.

What tips or advice do you have for student-athletes who want to continue their sport past high school? 

The best advice I would give is to not to over look any schools and to take a look at all the schools that are interested in you. Also I would tell them to not wait for colleges to just talk to you, you have to do most of the recruiting work if you want to play.

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