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Q&A With A High School Athlete Who Recently Committed

BeRecruited recently did a Q&A with several high school athletes who committed to a university and asked them about their recruiting experience. BeRecruited was able to get a sense of what worked well for them, what did not, and what advice they would give to fellow high school athletes.

Jamie Bredahl is one high school athlete who offered advice. Bredahl, a soon to be 2013 graduate of Legend High School recently committed to Northeastern University to play volleyball.  Bredahl is a member of the 2009 1st team Pioneer League, 2010 1st team Continental League and served as the captain of her varsity team. Here is what Bredahl had to say about her recruiting experience:

Why did you ultimately choose Northeastern University?

I ultimately chose Northeastern because it had a good volleyball program with great academics, which was something I was looking for.

When did you start getting interest from college coaches? Were they knocking down your door, or were you reaching out to them? If so, how?

I started getting interest from college coaches during my sophomore year of high school. We reached out to many colleges and also had a number reach out to us.

How did BeRecruited help you make the connection with Northeastern University?

I believe my college actually contacted me through BeRecruited. It lists all my info in an easy way for coaches to see.

Who was pivotal in helping you through the recruiting process and why?

My coach and my video man were pivotal in helping me through the recruiting process.

What role did you club coaches or high school coaches have in helping you get recruited? How active were your parents in the process?

My parents were extremely active in my recruiting process. They were emailing and looking up info about colleges for me every day. My coaches also narrowed some colleges down based on their knowledge.

What was the most challenging part of the recruiting process, if any?

Finally choosing between my last couple of colleges and deciding to verbally commit.

What tips or advice do you have for student-athletes who want to continue their sport past high school?

Keep working hard in your sport to better your skills and your mental competitiveness. It will get you far and make you standout from other recruits. Also, find a school that fits your needs. There's no perfect school out there but once you find one that you look forward to going to, you should commit to it.

Thank you Jamie for taking the time to share your recruiting experience with us. Best of luck at Northeastern University!

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