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Top 5 Things NOT To Do During The Recruiting Process

Now that you have put together your profile and are starting to connect with coaches it is important to know the things NOT to do! Many times, one mistake can put you at the bottom of the pile. In order to help prevent you from getting tossed to the bottom of the pile, here are five important things not to do.

Hazardous Emails. When emailing coaches, do not “CC” every other school you are interested in. To many, this seems very obvious, but I cannot tell you how many recruits make the mistake of “CC’ing” 20 other schools in their emails. Coaches know you are talking to other schools, but it is best not to show them who those schools are! Keep coaches guessing.

The Overwhelming Parent. For parents, do not be the parent who calls coaches on a weekly basis. Coaches appreciate updates and do want to remain in contact with recruits, but they do not want to be overwhelmed with parents phone calls. Coaches are recruiting players, not parents. Therefore, it is better for recruits to call coaches.

 Inappropriate Pictures. Whether you are using a profile on BeRecruited or sending out profiles by mail, do not include “modeling type” photos. This applies more to females than males, but be conservative when including photos. Photos can say a lot about ones personality and unfortunately, judgments can be made.

Lazy Updates. Do not send coaches your athletic/personal information without any other updates and expect them to reach out to you. It is important to continue updating coaches on your progress regardless of hearing back or not. Updating coaches on a regular basis demonstrates your interest and keeps you on the coach’s radar. A simple email every couple of weeks will do the trick!

Unprepared Visits. When taking unofficial visits, do not arrive unprepared. Before going on unofficial visits have a list of questions in mind for the coach. Also, unofficial visits are the best way to get to know coaches in person and for them to get to know you. Therefore, be sure to make a good impression by wearing appropriate clothing, showing your FUN personality, and showing the coach that you are genuinely interested in their program.

These five mistakes are common mistakes that can detriment your recruiting process. Be sure to stay clear!

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