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Calling A College Coach

by Laura Flynn

Over the last few weeks we’ve gotten several questions regarding recruiting. The most frequent –

“What do I ask a college coach when I call him/her for the first time?”

Here are some of my tips on making those phone calls…

First and foremost, be yourself! Call (during office hours) and be honest about your interest in learning about their program and the potential of playing there. Tell them a little bit about yourself – academically and athletically, and offer to email them over more information, and a link to your BeRecruited profile!

Be prepared! Do your research on the school and athletic program ahead of time. Don’t waste a coach’s time with questions you could’ve found online yourself. Instead, have a list of 10-15 questions ready that really only they can answer and offer insight into.

Here are just a few that you can choose from:

  • What are the admission requirements for athletes?

  • What is your graduation rate among student-athletes?

  • Have you offered scholarships to others in my class? At my position?

  • How many players will you be recruiting at my position?

  • What does the training program consist of at your school?

  • Can you describe your coaching style?

  • What is your recruiting timeline?

  • Is there a good time to come visit your school?

  • Can you tell me a little bit about your facilities?

  • How many scholarships do you have available for my class?

  • How much class time is missed due to travel?

  • What types of academic scholarships are available? What about other sorts of grants and aid?

  • When is the next time we can speak / meet?

  • Is there anything I can provide you with that will help you further evaluate me?

  • What is the housing situation like? Do teammates typically live together?

  • What is a typical “day in the life” like for a member of your team during the season? What about during the off-season?

  • Where do you see this program next year? And four years from now?

  • Are tutors available for athletes?

At the end of the conversation, ask the coach what the next steps are and what other information they need. Most importantly, don't forget to thank them for their time.

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