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The college athletic recruiting process can be long and filled with as many ups and downs as a hard-fought tennis match or a basketball game that goes down to the wire. However, the ultimate prize comes when you finally accept an offer from a coach to commit to play at their school. If your goal is to get there, the best people to ask are the committed athletes themselves. We asked each of the thousands of BeRecruited athletes who committed to play sports in college in 2017 what advice they would give to other aspiring college athletes about the recruiting process. Here were some of their answers:


"Definitely start keeping track of your accomplishments early! This is a great place to do it. It is tough to try and remember back later...just add them to your list as you go." - Clark D., Harvard University, Rowing

"Upgrade to the deluxe option. This is a great investment for an athlete to find the right college and coach. It allowed me to speak with 12 coaches and find the right fit for me." - Makaeka F., North Central College, Basketball

"Be proactive.  Don't just wait to see if a coach contacts you.  Use all the tools that BeRecruited has to offer.  I am the second athlete in my family to use this service and both have found the schools we were looking for.  Thanks BeRecruited!!" - Mitchell W., Lynn University, Ice Hockey

"Remember that in every game, on the field, or on the bench, you're part of the team and  someone is always watching you. Sometimes it's a college representative, sometimes its the Editor of the Tampa Bay Times watching his grandson play, or its a relative of a college baseball coach who recruits you because of what they saw. You never know." - Kevin E., Johnson University, Baseball

"Keep your profile up to date. Add pictures of you, not so many group shots." - Kate H., Temple University, Rowing

"APPLY EVERYWHERE. I discovered DePauw after looking at all the schools that had no application fee, submitted my application without any real interest, then when the offer came back and the coach contacted me, I visited and fell in love with the place." - Philip C., DePauw University, Swimming

"It is a long process at some points, and it is easy to become discouraged when a coach or college does not want you, but just remember that just because a certain coach doesn't prefer your playing style that doesn't discredit the player that you are. It does not take away from the countless hours you have put in training, conditioning, and working when no one else is watching." - Anna E., Illinois Wesleyan University, Soccer

"Be open to all colleges, because when I first heard about my school, I was not interested. But, I fell in love because I kept my eyes and options open. I have found a gem in an amazing place." - Kenzie S., Greenville University, Basketball

"Don't be discouraged. Not everyone is a D1 athlete. Study and work hard in the classroom. Be a team player. Be a good teammate. Be realistic in your expectations. Find your fit." - Ben S., Upper Iowa University, Football

"Be very proactive and consistently working to make contacts.  Look for high level showcases to play in, even ones where your team is not playing.  You have to go out and create your opportunities; they won't come to you!" - Siena C., University of Texas - Permian Basin, Soccer

"Get over the belief that only D1 is an indication of success.  D3 and Jucos are great for student-athletes looking to put education and affordability first." - Alora G., Waubonsee Community College, Volleyball

"Coaches are like pen pals who never write back before your Junior year.  You have to be okay with that and still email them and invite them to games.  Then, when they can contact you, you will already have a relationship building." - Eden J., University of Central Oklahoma, Soccer

"It's a process - keep updating your profile and keep reaching out to coaches of interest.  BeRecruited is an excellent resource for recruiting information and advice, and BeRecruited does a great job of facilitating communications leading to development of relationships." - Samantha B., University of Notre Dame, Rowing

"Keep your info updated and put lots of videos up. Find schools you're interested in and send them your BeRecruited link." - Michael C., Missouri State University, Diving

"Sports are important, but sometimes other factors become just as, or more important. I was fortunate to receive a full-tuition scholarship with the Air Force ROTC program. I plan to tryout for Penn State's club volleyball program." - Grace K., Penn State

"Stay on top of your academics and be sure to meet all the NCAA requirements ahead of time!  Make sure coaches know you are interested in attending their school but remember most athletes won't earn a living at their sport, so select a school that has your academic focus area as your top priority." - Amber B., University of Missouri, Diving

"Challenge college coaches to be as transparent with you as they expect you to be with them." - Andersen V., SUNY University at Albany, Volleyball

"Emailing the coach yourself really helps, it makes you stand out. Don't just talk about your sport and your stats, the coaches are people too, talk about yourself and your interests outside of your sport. Ask the coaches as many questions as you need too, that is what they are there for, and it shows them that you really care. Also thank you notes/emails are always good to send whether you decided to commit to that school or not. In the end, don't feel pressured to go to a school even if they offer you more money. You have to love the school you  pick, because remember that will be your home for the next four years of your life. Good luck and have fun!" - Maia A., Boston University, Rowing

"I was signed up on most of the major recruiting sites and BeRecruited seemed to be the most beneficial." - Addison S., Assumption College, Volleyball

"Be courteous and polite to coaches and administrators from schools you may not be interested in...likely they know someone at the school you may be interested in.  Never forget to say thanks.  Good manners, even electronically, are admirable." - Nathan H., St. Bonaventure University, Diving

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