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Points to Include in Emails to College Coaches

1) Highlight key stats and facts about you in the subject line. A few pieces of information to include are your graduation year, primary position, height and weight, your GPA, and the state you are from or high school you attend.

2) Address the coach by name and always reference the college name when appropriate. Coaches don’t want to see the generic “Dear Coach.” You can find the names of coaches using the college’s athletic website.

3) Provide current or relevant information. Highlighting stats and awards will get the attention of the coach. If you play on travel teams or participate in any other sports make sure to include this information too.

4) Be aware of the recruiting rules. Each sport and division has different contact periods. Early in your high school career (freshman & sophomore years) coaches in many sports are not allowed to answer athlete recruiting questions. Provide contact information of your high school, travel or club coaches College coaches can contact them.

5) Write short emails with direct information. Include relevant facts/stats in bullet point format to make the important details pop out of the other text. Recruiting takes up a large part of a college coach’s schedule. Long emails will most likely not be read from start to finish.

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