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Getting Started With The Recruiting Process

Summer is sadly about to end and a new school year is about to begin. A new school year means you’re one step closer in the collegiate athletic recruiting process. Individuals who are unfamiliar with the recruiting process are more likely to get left behind. These individuals either miss a step in the process, spread themselves too thin, or start too late.

Many young athletes wonder when a good time to begin the recruiting process is and what they should do in order to begin. It is recommended to begin the recruiting process during your Freshman year of high school. If you are a Freshman, here are some helpful tips on how to begin the recruiting process and gain coaches attention.

The first step is to do your research and make a list of universities that you would consider attending. One helpful guide for making your list is the BeRecruited website. On the website, you can perform searches that not only show schools that offer your sport, but also require certain GPA’s, are private or public, have certain student body sizes, among other things. While making your list, write down the coaches contact information for future use. Although you may have already narrowed down your top choices for universities, it is best not to spread yourself too thin so your list should be anywhere between 20 to 30+ universities. Remember, coaches are scouting athletes from all over the country!

Once you have your list of 20 to 30+ universities, the next step is to put together a resume with your athletic and academic stats. You can easily use your BeRecruited profile as your resume since you are able to input stats and upload videos. Once your profile is filled out, “invite” these 20-30+ coaches to view your profile on BeRecruited or send them a profile/resume by mail. This is your first point of contact and puts your name on their radar. Since coaches cannot contact you during your Freshman year of high school, the next steps and objectives during this time are to work hard on improving your talent and update coaches regularly on your progress.

Go start making your list. Good luck!

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