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How Early Is Too Early To Start Emailing Coaches?

You know the phrase, “communication is key?” Well communication really is key during the recruiting process. With recruiting beginning earlier and earlier every year, athletes also need to start communicating with coaches earlier. The question then becomes how early is too early? Answer: it’s never too early.

Although NCAA rules prohibit DI coaches from emailing athletes before September 1st of their junior year, athletes are able to email coaches at any time. This is a rule athletes should be taking advantage of. Just because coaches cannot write back doesn’t mean that they aren’t reading your emails and tracking your progress. In fact, the majority of surveyed coaches said that they want to hear from you before September 1st of your junior year. Emails will demonstrate your interest and tell the coach that you are taking the recruiting process seriously.

We encourage athletes to send their first email by their freshman year of high school. Within the email, here are some things to include:
1. Contact information
2. Tournament/competition schedule
3. BeRecruited profile link
4. Short blurb about yourself and why you’re interested in the university

Again, communication is key and emails will definitely put you on coaches radars and also make you stand apart from others. Remember to make each email unique and specific to the coach by mentioning something about the university that you like. Coaches always enjoy personalized emails. Now get going so you can play at the next level!

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