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Importance of Additional Exposure

It's important to share updated information (your BeRecruited profile, video highlights, stats) with college coaches during your recruiting search. This gives coaches the opportunity to evaluate your ability and track your improvements. As you search for the right college you should also consider attending events outside of scheduled competitions to get in front of more college coaches. These events include showcases, tournaments and camps allowing you to compare your ability with competitors while receiving evaluations by coaches.

Find the Right Events
As you determine the right events to attend speak with your high school or club coach and ask for suggestions. Some sports focus on showcases and other sports use club tournaments and camps to provide athletes with additional exposure. As you search for events keep in mind the location, size and cost of the event. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Which college coaches have attended this event in the past?

  • Will the colleges I'm interested in be attending the event?

  • How will this event improve my ability?

Communicate with Coaches
Don't forget college coaches have contact rules to follow, especially with athletes in 9th-11th grade. As an athlete you and your family are always permitted to contact coaches with little restriction. When you finalize the list of events you will be attending share this list with the coaches at the colleges you are interested in attending. Depending on the event, college coaches might attend and evaluate your ability.

Over the next 2 months consider attending these events during your holiday breaks to increase your chances of finding a scholarship.

A great way to gain exposure is to register with a online recruiting service. Here is a review of the National Collegiate Scouting Association (NCSA).

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