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Insight from Registered BeRecruited College Coaches

As you search for a college it's valuable to have an idea what traits coaches want to see in recruits. This feedback gives you the ability to better prepare and become more knowledgeable about how college coaches find athletes that fit their program. Here are thoughts from two college coaches who use BeRecruited. Use this insight to continue to continue your successful college search.

Thoughts from Coach Terry Burdette
Head Softball Coach at Hood College
in Frederick, MD

Q:  What is a top characteristics you look for in recruits?
"Being a good teammate – in my mind, this means they will have a good attitude, give good effort, and be supportive of their teammates whether they are in the game or not."

Q:  What tip do you have for athletes who have made their final decision?
"Let all coaches that they have had contact with know their decision. It’s a great character trait that will help them on and off the field."

Q:  What are your recommended best practices for communicating with coaches?

  • "Never send generic ‘Dear Coach’ communications.

  • Write hand written letters to coaches – I also coach a travel team and whenever a player has received a hand written letter from a coach, they were so impressed. The college coach would be equally impressed with a hand written letter from a potential recruit."

Q:  Share some examples of big mistakes recruits make during their search?

  • "Not considering all levels of college softball. Too many get hung up with the schools where they can get an ‘athletic scholarship’ when there may be better options at schools that can only offer ‘Academic aid’

  • Narrowing their search.

  • Visiting schools when there are no students there…schedule visits when there are students on campus."

Coach CrawfordThoughts from Coach Keith Crawford
Head Swimming & Diving Coach
at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
in Terre Haute, IN

"I am looking for recruits who are great people, serious students, who also have times or scores that I feel can help our team. Since we are an Engineering school, your filters have enabled me to identify swimmers and divers who are a good fit for Rose-Hulman both academically and athletically.

It helps me if athletes have up to date information on both their grades and test scores within their BeRecruited profile along with their athletic stats. Since it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, I am looking for profiles that specifically list engineering or computer science as an area of interest.

After you have made your final decision, let the other schools know that have chosen another school. I understand I am going to lose as many recruits as I am going to get and would just like to know when someone has made their decision. Either an email or a phone call is okay with me.

I prefer communicating with athletes through phone calls and emails. However, I do use text messages on occasion as well."

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