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How do I Know if A Coach Is Interested in Me?

As a potential recruit figuring out if a coach is interested in you may be hard to pinpoint. Coaches are typically contacting many recruits during the year and it may be hard to differentiate between what seem like generic emails and the actual interest of a coach. If you are receiving contact from coaches here are some key indicators to gauge how interested a coach is in you:

Questionnaires - College coaches send out questionnaires to student-athletes to learn more about them and if they are a right fit for their program. When coaches start their recruiting process, they go through thousands and thousands of athletes so questionnaires help narrow things down. If a coach provides their phone number, asks for your upcoming schedule, and/or requests for your game film after you send back a questionnaire, this is a very a good sign. Make sure to fill out questionnaires promptly and send out follow-up emails to coaches with a link to your BeRecruited profile and your best highlight video.

Camp Invite – While it’s true that coaches will invite a ton of players to their camps, going to a coach’s camp can be a great experience. For coaches, camps are a great opportunity to get to know you better, understand your decision factors, and get a feel for your skills and your athletic ability. It is usually a good bet to attend a camp if you are really interested in the college and want to find out if a school is a realistic fit for you.

Personalized Email – If you receive an email or letter from a coach which is personally addressed to you and has very specific comments, this is a good sign. For example, a coach might mention they have watched your video and give you some initial positive feedback. Maybe they mention that they have spoken to your coach personally or saw you play recently. Keep a lookout for emails from coaches that are targeted to you specifically. The more personal the email the more likely a coach is interested in you.

Phone Calls/Text – If you are often receiving requests to set up times to speak with a college coach or athletic recruiter, this is a good indicator of interest. Phone calls are a great chance to learn more about you as a person and how you might fit in with the school’s athletic program. Athletes who are being seriously recruited will likely receive calls when it is allowed during the recruiting period (typically your junior year). Make sure to ask questions about the school and the athletic program when you are communicating with coaches. If a coach frequently stays in contact with you either by phone call or text, you are likely high up on their recruiting radar. The National Collegiate Scouting Association (NCSA), has over 35,000 coaches registered. Check out NCSA reviews here.

Official Visits – One of the clearest signs of a college coach being interested in you is if you are offered an official visit. Official visits are paid for completely by the college; they provide transportation, lodging, food, and tours of a campus for highly recruited athletes. This is a great time to explore what campus life is like and to ask any questions you have about the school and the athletic program. Athletes are also introduced to the team and the coaching staff during this process so make sure you make the most out of your trip. These visits are often reserved for elite prospects who are heavily pursued by top colleges so you are in good company. Official visits are also often followed up with athletic scholarships offers.

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