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Can I Still Be Recruited If I Am A Senior?

As coaches are beginning to finalize their 2013 recruiting class, there are also many 2013 graduates who have not yet committed and are still trying to finalize their plans. For those seniors in high school who have not yet committed, you may be wondering if it is too late. The answer is absolutely not!

While it is true that many seniors in high school have either given a verbal commitment or even signed the NLI, there are many colleges still looking to complete their 2013 recruiting class. It is also important to keep in mind that spots do open up on collegiate teams as there are often last minute transitions with collegiate athletes wanting to transfer. Therefore, additional spots do become available last minute. Here are two tips to consider as you make the final push.

Call coaches. Now is the time to be extremely proactive by contacting coaches via phone and letting them know you are very interested in joining their team. Continue pressing coaches both by phone and email until they inform you that their roster is complete.

Walk-on positions. If your top choices have already given away their scholarship opportunities, there is always the option of walking on. If coaches inform you that their roster is complete, inquire about walk-on positions. You will most likely be happier by walking on to a top choice school without a scholarship than you would playing at a school you are just so-so about with a scholarship. Do not forget, there are other forms of financial aid such as FAFSA and you can always prove yourself within the first year and receive scholarship for your last three years.

Similar to what Albert Einstein once said, “Keep on sowing your seed, for you never know which will grow,” you should keep on being proactive, for you never know which opportunity might come up. Best of luck!

If you think you have left it a bit late then you might want to register with a sports recruiting service like the NCSA. Their database is constantly being reviewed.

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