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Signed Baseball Player's Tip: Make Yourself Known

Congratulations to all of the athletes who have already committed or signed their NLI for the class of 2014! BeRecruited sat down with sev­eral high school ath­letes who either com­mi­tted or signed their NLI and asked them about their recruit­ing expe­ri­ence. We were able to get a sense of what worked well for them, what did not, and what advice they would give to fel­low high school athletes.

Connor Seabold is one high school ath­lete who offered advice. Seabold, a soon to be 2014 grad­u­ate from Newport Beach, California recently signed with California State University, Fullerton to play baseball.  Here is what Seabold had to say about his recruiting experience:

Why did you ulti­mately choose Cal State Fullerton?
I chose Cal State Fullerton because they have a great baseball program and both my mom and dad went there. I’ve lived in Orange County for 13 years and I love the area, so it made sense that I would stay local. I felt like I would have the most success at Fullerton than at any other school that was recruiting me.

How old were you when you started the recruiting process and what were the steps you took to begin the recruiting process?
I started the recruiting process at the beginning of my junior year when I was 16. I went to showcases where college coaches from all around the state would come and watch me pitch. After about 5 showcases and a full season, I was receiving offers from all around.

How did BeRe­cruited help you make the con­nec­tion with this school and/or coaches?
BeRecruited put my name out there for coaches. They were able to see my stats and my info through my BeRecruited profile. This way they could learn about me and come and watch me.

Who was piv­otal in help­ing you through the recruit­ing process and why?
My coaches helped me through the recruiting process. They helped me get in contact with college coaches and helped me with some of my decision making. My coach talked to at least a dozen coaches and put a good word in for me; he’s one of the biggest reasons that I’m in the position that I’m in.

What was the most challenging part of the recruiting process?
The hardest part was probably choosing which college was best for me as a student and a person. You want to get it right because you don’t want to end up going to school in a town, area, region that doesn’t fit you. You want to be happy with your decision; this can be a huge factor in your performance.

What tips or advice do you have for student-athletes who want to con­tinue their sport in college?
Make yourself known; if coaches don’t know who you are, you’ll never be recruited and you’ll never move on to the next level. Also, work hard in every aspect of your game, on and off the field, in the weight room, and in the class room. Talent can only get you so far, hard work gets you to the next level.

Thank you Connor for tak­ing the time to share your recruit­ing expe­ri­ence with us. Congratulations on your success so far and best of luck at Cal State Fullerton! If you enjoyed this post, read a similar post here!

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