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6 Tips to Creating a Great Highlight Video

Having a professional highlight video can be one of the best ways to attract the attention of a college coach. You want to have a video that can show off your athletic ability and skills in a short period of time. We have broken down some key features you should keep in mind when you are creating your highlight video.

Take Quality Videos
Before recording your highlight video, make sure the phone or camera you are using provides high quality resolution so coaches can easily recognize you (typically 720p or 1080p quality videos are your best bet). Also make sure that your videos are taken with minimal shaking and that the video is recorded horizontally. Using a standard video camera tripod or phone tripod will provide you the best results.

Best Plays First
Your best clips should be the first thing coaches see. Your goal within the first 30 seconds of your video is to impress a coach with your skills and athleticism. When you are going through your footage, make sure to keep track of your best 4-5 plays, which should be placed within the first minute of your highlight video. Make that first minute count!

Identify Yourself
Depending on whether you are using a professional video service or editing your own video, it is typically good practice to identify yourself before a clip begins playing by inserting arrows or a marker during the video. This is very common in highlight videos because it allows coaches to quickly discern where you are in a clip.

Keep it Brief
A good length for a highlight video is around 5 minutes, which can be anywhere from 15-30 plays. Coaches are typically short on time so this allows them to quickly view your best plays and gauge your skill and athletic ability. Coaches who are interested in what you can bring to the table will follow-up with you to ask for more game film.

Get Contacted
A key part of a functional highlight video is making sure your contact information, graduation year, position, and jersey number are clearly visible at the start of a video. You will want to make sure it is very easy for any coach to contact you so having your email and phone number visible is important. Showing your season averages, awards, and vitals before the start of a highlight video can also be beneficial.

Have Visible Videos
Having your highlight video available on your BeRecruited profile is a great way to easily share your athletic achievements. Once these are uploaded, email your profile URL to coaches along with a letter of interest. Make sure to circulate your profile URL to programs you are interested in attending.

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