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to do list for sophomores and juniors

Are you a sophomore or junior in high school and the thought of unofficial visits scares you? It shouldn't. Unofficial visits can actually be one of the most exciting parts of the recruiting process. Next time you have a holiday break, add scheduling an unofficial visit to your to-do list. Want to learn more? Become an official on the unofficial.

3 Additional To-do's:

Update coaches on your progress.
Let coaches know how you did this past season by updating your BeRecruited profile with your most recent stats. Don't wait- coaches want to know about your progress.

Narrow down your choices.
As a sophomore you should narrow down your list to a top 30. Key areas to consider are whether a school is right for you in size, location, reputation, academics and athletics. Since the recruiting process tends to speed up junior year, you should narrow down your list to a top 15 and really focus on getting to know the coaches of the programs.

Start emailing.
Emails are a great way to market yourself to coaches. Include what your goals are for the future, what you are looking for in a team, and how you would be a good addition to the team. Don’t have time to email every coach? Learn more about BeRecruited's Letter Generator.

As always, keeping your BeRecruited profile up-to-date helps. Together, let's get recruited!


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