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The Stages of Recruitment

by Laura Flynn

Over the last few years, the recruiting process has changed dramatically. The biggest change, since I was in high school, is when college coaches begin identifying prospective recruits – which today can be as early as seventh grade!

In most cases, college coaches will begin the recruiting process by sending letters to student-athletes during freshman year. The following is a breakdown of the stages of recruitment (in increasing order of importance/level of interest):

  • Questionnaire and letter inviting the student-athlete to correspond/call

  • Invitation to summer camp

  • Request for game/highlight video

  • Offer for an unofficial/game day visit

  • Letter from coach with invitation to call or email

  • Handwritten letters from coach

  • Phone calls from head coach (if you get a call on the first day of the contact period, this is a good sign!)

  • Offer of an official visit

  • Verbal scholarship offer (partial or full)

  • Written scholarship offer (partial or full)

Also please note, while there are certain restrictions put on coaches as to when they can call/contact a potential recruit, a coach (at any division) can accept a call from a student-athlete and talk to the prospect at any time.

Remember, the biggest mistake an athlete can make is not to follow up with a coach or show interest in a potential program. Be proactive!!

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