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Think Before You Tweet

Posting Friday night cat sleepover selfies won’t get you many friends, but what about the less obvious social media pitfalls? 140 characters can take you out of the game faster than you can say, “It was just a joke!” Remember these 4 tips to keep your posts tasteful AND hilarious:

1) Cut the cussing. Even if it would make that tweet too legit to quit, constant swearing doesn’t make you look blue-ribbon worthy.

2) Tune out the trash talk. Coaches want to know you're a team player and not a negative Nancy, so stay aboveboard and be a leader.

3) Keep the selfies PG13. If you wouldn’t show it to your Aunt Mildred, it’s not safe to post. Stay classy so you won’t scare off potential coaches who are looking for the next John Elway, Not Kim K.

4) Tone down your handle. As catchy as @TacoBellIsMyLifeLine is, this first impression will scream that you’re a kidder, not a serious athlete. Show that you are ready to play at the next level!


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