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4 Key Tips For Freshmen To Get Ahead In The Recruiting Process

Are you a freshman, lost and unsure what this whole recruiting process is all about?  Similar to planning for graduation, you'll want to plan ahead for getting recruited. No need to stress, we've got you covered. Below we've outlined four key activities you can begin thinking about today!

Join a Club Team
Showing dedication to your sport year round is a great way to show coaches you're motivated to take your game to the next level. School sports are perfect for staying busy, but club sports are where you'll continue to develop as a player.

Do Your Research
No, not for a paper, for colleges and athletic programs that you're interested in. Beginning to think about what size school and program is right for you will give you a leg up as you interact with coaches and scouts vying for your commitment. Aim to list out 30 or more colleges. Don't fret, you've got thousands to choose from!

Fill Out Questionnaires
Now that you have a list of colleges it's time to start filling out questionnaires for your sport. This will give programs an introduction to you as a player and surely catch their attention. If you haven't received a questionnaire in the mail from coaches, simply go onto their university's athletic page and see if they've posted a questionnaire for you to fill out and submit.

Highlight Film
It's time to have some fun. You're a star on the field, so let's show it! Don't worry about production value just yet, coaches just want to see you in action. At your next game consider asking a parent or friend to capture in-game footage-- they'll be happy to help. BeRecruited is a great place to showcase highlight film for thousands of coaches to see. Upload film today!


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