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Tips on Making Phone Calls

Right now is the most critical time in the recruiting process where coaches are expecting phone calls from players. If you haven’t started you need to start ASAP. You need to start separating yourself from other recruits on the coaches list.

In order to be adequately prepared for a call with a coach, there are a couple things you must do. You should first think about the following areas: your overall tone, your confidence level and your leadership ability.

Most importantly, you need to make sure that you are enthusiastic when talking to coaches! They will be able to sense if you are doing something else at the time or if you really don’t want to be talking to them. It can be an easy way to lose out on an opportunity and you don’t want to risk it.

Before you have your first live call with a coach, you need to have a couple practice runs.

1) Call coaches at schools you are not interested in, talk to that coach and see how you do. You have nothing to lose since you aren’t really interested in that school.
2) Role play with a teammate, friend or parent and go over the questions you are planning to ask as well as the questions coaches usually ask.

In terms of leaving voicemails:

1) Practice leaving voicemails for coaches on your cell phone or house phone.
2) Listen to your voicemails, would you call yourself back? Goes back to tone and you need to get used to paying attention to this.

When it comes time to actually calling a coach, you need to make sure you have written down your list of questions to ask the coach and you want to have a pen and paper ready.

It is important to have a pen and paper ready!

1) To be able to write the answers to your questions and the questions you were asked.
2) You will be more prepared to ask your questions.
3) You will remember everything a coach tells you.

If you are prone to saying um or like when you get nervous, it may help to have a note for yourself that reminds you not to say it or reminds you to be enthusiastic. These things are very easy to forget about when on a call.


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