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What one athlete is doing to stand out in the recruiting process

Amanda berkley atow blog

We recently sat down with all-star softball player Amanda Berkley to get her perspective on the recruiting process. Berkley is currently a junior at Sherwood High School. Her positions include: relief, third base, out field, starting pitcher, and closer. This all-star player has a right-hand stance and throwing arm. Amanda balances being a committed honors student and a strong athlete. After sitting down with Amanda, here's what she said:

BR: How old were you when you started playing softball? How old were you when you started the recruiting process?

AB: I started softball at age 7 and have played travel softball and tournaments since age 9. I started sending out my video and email two years ago at 14 when I was in 9th grade.


BR: What do you like most about competition?

AB: Competition inspires me to play at the highest level. The better the competition the more I can learn how to handle difficult situations and test my abilities.


BR: What advice would you give to fellow BeRecruited athletes about using BeRecruited?

AB: My high school coach introduced me to BeRecruited this past season. My school team won our fourth consecutive 4A High School State Championship and are undefeated for 4 straight years (83 games). I feel your site will introduce me to college coaches who are looking for pitchers and players in the class of 2017. The exposure is great and the information you send out in email is very helpful. I am starting to use some of the speed drills I just received from BeRecruited.


BR: What are you doing to be a successful athlete? Do you have a tournament coming up? Are you working out (apart from practice)? Are you updating coaches about your achievements?

AB: I work hard and play hard. I want to be prepared before I take the field. I practice pitching 3 days a week and work out regularly with my pitching coaches and with my fitness trainer. I will be playing in the Maryland ASA 16U State Championship this weekend (6/20-21) in Centreville, MD and I will also be playing in the VA Beach PGF Legendary Summer Scorcher Showcase tournament 7/17-19. My team hopes to earn a berth to the ASA Nationals in Chattanooga this July. I attend college pitching camps frequently and I am in contact with the coaches I meet who express interest in me. I send email to coaches with my latest achievements and updates.


BR: What steps are you taking to call coaches attention? Are you emailing/calling them?

AB: I call coaches often and occasionally leave messages although I know that they are not allowed to call me back per NCAA regulations until September 1st. I have not been able to reach many coaches by phone but I send out email every couple weeks to keep in contact and let them know what I am doing.


BR: What aspects of a university appeal to you? And why?

AB: I would like to attend a larger school and study law and and also get a minor in business. I want to attend a school with a solid reputation and located on the East coast so I can be close to home and my parents can come watch me play softball. I would like to attend a respected school which offers opportunities for me to thrive.


BR: What are you looking for in a college coach and college team?

AB: I hope to find a college coach that will inspire and teach me to be the best athlete and teammate I can be. I would like to be an impact player and hope to play for a coach that will be fair and supportive. There are many coaches who are great teachers and great leaders and that would be the ideal coach to play for. A team is a family and I would like to play on a team that has great chemistry and spirit. Last, but not least, it would be great to play for a winning team that works hard to be the best. My GPA is 3.8 and I have been an Honor Roll student every semester since I entered high school.


BR: What is your biggest achievement so far that has impacted and shaped your athletic career?

AB: I have been fortunate to be surrounded by great teammates on my travel team (5 years) and also on my high school team. I have also had great coaches throughout my softball life. I have had the thrill of winning the ASA and USSSA State Championships at age 12, 13, and 15 last year. I also have had the opportunity to be a part of a great high school team that won their 4th straight State Championship this year, my second on the team. I was the only Freshman on the team (Sherwood Warriors) last season and I started every game. This season I batted .537 and OBP .577 with 27 RBIs so I was very happy to be a major contributor to our success.


BR: What would you say to a coach to convince them that you will be a positive impact on their team?

AB: I am dedicated and passionate. I give 100% and usually excel in difficult situations. I desire to be a role model as a student athlete and want to be a difference maker. I love softball and making new friends in the game.


Amanda is taking the necessary steps to becoming a committed athlete. We wish Amanda the best of luck the recruiting process!


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