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Your Most Valuable Decision and Gift

Throughout the previous year, BeRecruited has received assistance from college coaches and recruiting experts who have shared their knowledge in the monthly BeRecruited Facebook Q&A. For the month of July, Head Coach Augie Garrido from the University of Texas answered questions submitted by athletes and parents via Facebook and Twitter. The BeRecruited Team appreciates the words of assistance Coach Garrido provided, and wanted to take a moment to share one last piece of information from a successful college coach. 

A Featured Blog Post from Coach Garrido

Thank you for taking the time to post all your wonderful questions during the BeRecruited Facebook Q&A. I hope my answers were helpful and provided further guidance as you and your family embark on the exciting college selection journey. You are all at a pivotal time in your life, braced to make big decisions, including where to go to college.

I am often asked what the number-one thing is an athlete should look at when con sidering a school and my answer sometimes surprises them. For me, it’s not the athletic program, the team record or even the scholarships available, but instead it is the quality of the education the schools are considering can provide.

While I know you are all athletes and want to get on the field, in the pool or on the track, the  value of your academic experience will far outweigh the athletics in the big picture of your life. This is why I honestly believe the quality of your education should be the first thing you and your family consider when deciding where you should go to school. Once you have narrowed down your college selections, you can start to evaluate those schools’ athletic and scholarship opportunities.

No matter the number of national championships or division titles you win, the most valuable gift from your college career will be your education. You can control your mind far more than you can control your athleticism or potential injuries. At the end of the day it’s about who you are as a person not who you are as an athlete. As you embark on the college recruiting journey, please remember, the education you will receive should weigh heaviest in your college decision.

Good luck to you!

Hook ‘em!

Coach Garrido

About Augie Garrido, head baseball coach at the University of Texas

Augie Garrido has coached his University of Texas and Cal State Fullerton baseball teams to more victories than any other coach in any sport in NCAA history. He has fielded five national championship teams in the College World Series and won six National Coach of the Year awards.

Timed during the lead up to the 2011 College World Series, LIFE IS YOURS TO WIN: Lessons Forged form the Purpose, Passion, and Magic of Baseball by Augie Garrido, with an introduction by Kevin Costner, imparts the baseball and life skills that Garrido has worked so hard to instill in his players both on the field and beyond.

Beyond being the winningest coach in NCAA Division I baseball history, Garrido is far from a “win at all costs” leader. Rather, he focuses on building men of quality, who realize that the challenges faced in the batter’s box or on the pitcher’s mound are universal—and that the lessons learned on the diamond can be applied to any facet of life. Following the coach’s own journey of self-discovery, during which he evolved from being driven by fear to being motivated by passion, LIFE IS YOURS TO WIN offers a refreshing approach to seizing life’s opportunities and understanding that trophies are not the true goal.

Garrido’s coaching methods are often unconventional, but his creativity and wry humor always lead to unforgettable lessons. His book is full of stories and advice that will appeal to anyone—sports fan or not—who appreciates the wisdom of a winner.

To purchase Coach Garrido's book, click here.

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